De Beste Yo Mama grappen

De Beste Yo Mama grappen

Omdat onze Nederlandse top 10 ‘Je moeder grappen’ erg goed gewaardeerd wordt hebben we een extra selectie gemaakt met de Engelstalige variant. Bekijk hier de beste ‘Yo Mama’ grappen in diverse categorieën.

Yo mama is so fat

Yo mama so fat God told her he had no room in heaven and the devil said there was no room in hell

Yo Mama so fat her BMI is measured in acres

Yo Mama so fat when she went to the movies she sat next to everyone

Yo mama so fat when her beeper goes off, people thought she was backing up

Yo mama so fat her nickname is “Lardo”

Yo mama is so stupid

Yo mama so stupid she tried to put her m&ms in alphabetical order.

Yo mama so stupid she put paper on the television and called it paper view

Yo mama so stupid she went to the orthodontist to get a blue tooth

Yo mama so stupid she got locked in a mattress store and sleep on the floor

Yo mama so stupid she thinks taco bell is a mexican phone company

Yo mama is so ugly

Yo mama so ugly she looks like she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Yo mama so ugly that not even goldfish crackers smile back

Yo mama so ugly Bob the Builder looked at her and said “I CAN’T FIX THAT!”

Yo mama so ugly when she joined an ugly contest, they said “Sorry, no professionals.”

Yo mama so ugly she looks out the window and got arrested for mooning.

Yo mama is so nasty

Yo Mama’s so nasty, she only changes her drawers once every 10000 miles.

Yo Mama’s so nasty, she went to a hair salon and told the stylist to cut her hair, then she opened up her blouse!!

Yo Mama’s so nasty, when I went to yo house said whats for dinner, yo mama put her foot up on the table and said “Corn!”

Yo Mama’s so nasty, she has a sign around her neck that says: “Warning: May cause irritation, drowsiness, and a rash or breakouts.”

Yo Mama’s so nasty, she made Speed Stick slow down.

Yo Mama’s so nasty, she made Right Guard turn left.

Yo Mama’s so nasty, she went swimming and made the Dead Sea.

Yo Mama’s so nasty, I talked to her over the computer and she gave me a virus.

Yo Mama’s so nasty, a skunk smelled her butt and passed out.

Yo mama so nasty I called her to say hello, and she ended up giving me an ear infection.

Bekijk naast onze Yo mama grappen ook de Nederlandse Je moeder grappen hier.

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  1. Ken je joe joe mama

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